On behalf of the Museum’s board of trustees, thank you for attending the Museum’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 1 September. Your supportive presence was much appreciated.

If you have not received a copy of the Museum’s Annual Report and would like a copy, please contact

Chair of the D6M board of trustees Judge Desai giving an overview report at the AGM

Chair of the D6M board of trustees Judge Desai giving an overview report at the AGM

AGM attendees listening attentively to the reports being presented

AGM attendees listening attentively to the reports being presented

Youth input

Youth input

Annual Report

Annual Report



Monday 24 September 2018

The District Six Museum’s Heritage Day programme is linked to the exhibition which will be opening on 20 September (Kewpie: a daughter of District Six). It will continue the celebration of Kewpie’s life in community, and will include a site walk with storytelling, which will start at the Homecoming Centre at 10h30.

Ex-residents will be participating in a series of preparatory workshops leading up to Heritage Day. The dates for these are:

Saturday 8 September, 9h00 – 15h00 at the Lydia Centre for Memory in Chapel Street

Saturday 15 September, 9h00 – 15h00 at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre

Saturday 22 September, 9h00 – 15h00 at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre

For more information about the workshops please contact Tina Smith on 021 4667200 or at email


Kewpie: daughter of District Six

The name ‘Kewpie’ is a familiar one to many District Sixers. Known as a style-leader and sought-after hairdresser, Kewpie lived a life of perseverance, loyalty and persistence even in the midst of a disintegrating District Six. Not immune to the impact of forced removals, Kewpie and others like her were determined to make life go on even under changing and devastating circumstances.

The District Six Museum in partnership with GALA (the Gay and Lesbian Archive) invite you to visit an exhibition which pays tribute to Kewpie’s life and times. It explores the life of Kewpie (1941–2012), who was also part of a queer community that was highly visible and integrated into the broader community, playing an important role in the fabric and culture of District Six.

Kewpie: daughter of District Six will be open to the public at the District Six Museum’s Homecoming Centre from 21 September 2018 until 18 January 2019. Opening hours are from 9h00 to 16h00 from Monday to Friday, and by arrangement for group bookings on Saturdays. There is no charge for visiting the exhibition.

Enquiries: / Tel: 021 4667200

July Supper Club: Reflections

Although we were slightly hesitant about having three Supper Club guests in July rather than the usual single speaker, we need not have worried. We were concerned that the limited time for each speaker, might make the occasion seem hurried and that they might be frustrated at not having enough time to express themselves.

This was not the case: our three guests handled the limitations beautifully! The room was abuzz with the energetic and passionate views of our guests Lusapho Hlatshaneni, Jordan Pieters and Gabeba Gaidien who, acutely aware of the preciousness of the time, were thoughtful, considered and bold in the way that they chose to put forward their viewpoints. They modelled so wonderfully the spirit of the Super Club conversations, and everyone commented on how well they listened to each other especially when they held different points of view or disagreed with each other. Each responded to the issues on the table rather than shouting each other down.

This was a wonderful dialogue about youth issues expressed by youthful voices, acknowledging at the same time that the range of issues are far more complex, layered and varied than could be expressed by three people and in this limited context.

It was a bonus for the group to be invited into the Cape Talk Studios after Supper Club, to continue the conversation on the Koketso Sachane’s Show.

In Cape Talk Studio before Koketso Sachane Show